Springfield High Schools

Springfield is home to numerous high schools that provide a venue for athletics competition for its students. Springfield prides itself on supporting our local teams. We invite you to check out each schools website for more information on events and athletics schedules.

Central High School

Central High School is home to the Central Bulldogs.

423 E. Central
Springfield, Missouri 65802
Phone: 417-523-9600

Glendale High School

Glendale High School is home to the Glendale Falcons.

2727 S. Ingram Mill Road
Springfield, Missouri 65804
Phone: 417-523-8995

Greenwood Laboratory School

Greenwood is home to the Greenwood Blue Jays.

901 South National
Springfield, Missouri 65897
Phone: 417-839-5124

Hillcrest High School

Hillcrest High School is home to the Hillcrest Hornets.

3319 N. Grant
Springfield, Missouri 65803
Phone: 417-523-8000

Kickapoo High School

Kickapoo High School is home to the Kickapoo Chiefs.

3710 S. Jefferson Ave.
Springfield, Missouri 65807
Phone: 417-523-8500

New Covenant Academy

New Covenant Academy is home to the New Covenant Academy Warriors

3304 S. Cox Rd.
Springfield, Missouri 65807
Phone: 417-887-9848

Parkview High School

Parkview High School is home to the Parkview Vikings.

516 W Meadowmere St
Springfield, Missouri 65807
Phone: 417-523-9200

Springfield Catholic High School

Springfield Catholic is home to the Springfield Catholic Fightin’ Irish

2340 S. Eastgate
Springfield, Missouri 65809
Phone: 417-887-8817