Venues in Springfield

Springfield, Missouri has state of the art sports facilities. Whether it’s an 11,000 seat arena, an arena with 2 sheets of ice or a sports complex with multiple fields, Springfield has facilities that can meet your event needs. Below are just a few of the many facilities that Springfield is proud to showcase!

  • Missouri State University - Betty and Bobby Allison Sand Volleyball

    The Betty and Bobby Allison Sand Volleyball Courts are home to Missouri State's beach volleyball team, which was announced as Missouri State's newest sport offering on April 3, 2017, and begins competition in the spring of 2018. The facility also provides support to the recreational and educational needs of Missouri State. Opened in 2014 for recreational use and funded by the B.E.A.R. Fee passed in 2013, the facility includes two sand courts, bermed grass seating, two scoreboards and a press box.

  • Missouri State University - Betty and Bobby Allison South

    Betty and Bobby Allison South Stadium is home to the Missouri State men's soccer, women's soccer and women's track & field teams. The facility also provides support to the recreational and educational needs of Missouri State. Opened in 2014, the stadium features a full size soccer field surrounded by a 9-lane track with high jump, triple jump and long jump pits within the facility. Funded by the B.E.A.R. Fee passed in 2013, the facility has permanent seating for 1,500 and features a state-of-the-art double-sided video board with an 8-lane timer board.

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    Missouri State University - Hammons Student Center

    One of the largest indoor facilities in southwest Missouri, HSC seats 8,846 people and has hosted Missouri State basketball, volleyball and swimming events. HSC has 6 racquetball courts, office space, a lounge area and varsity locker rooms.

  • Missouri State University - Hammons Student Center Pool

    This facility is eqiupped with a 25 yard pool with two springboards. The Hammons Student Center Pool hosts all Missouri State swimming events.

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    Missouri State University - Plaster Sports Complex

    Plaster Sports Complex is a 16,600-seat multipurpose stadium. It is home to the Missouri State Bears football, women's field hockey, men's and women's soccer, and track and field. PSC also has 12 handball/racquetball courts.

  • Ozark Community Center

    Amenities at the Ozark Community Center include two basketball courts, a lap pool and children's pool, community rooms (180 occupancy), and a rock climbing wall.

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    Ozark Empire Fairgrounds & Event Center

    The Ozark Empire Fairgrounds offer a grandstand with covered seating for 8,000. The arena/annex with seating for 2,250, contains a dirt floored arena. There are also 200 horse stalls and space for cattle and other small animals.

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    Ozark Greenways - Frisco Highline Trail

    Frisco Highline Trail is a 35-mile Rail-to-Trail project connecting Springfield to Bolivar. The trail has a crushed gravel surface. Eight miles of the trail from Springfield to Willard is paved. Designated as a National Recreation Trail.

  • Fulbright spring greenway  4cc17c9c5056a34 4cc18003 5056 a348 3abfa753df0f663b

    Ozark Greenways - Fulbright Spring Greenway

    South Dry Sac Trail is a three mile long trail. You can find the Lost Hill Park Trailhead north of Hillcrest High School on Grant Ave.

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    Ozark Greenways - Galloway Creek Greenway

    Galloway Creek Greenway has almost six miles of paved trail and is designated a National Recreation Trail. The trail runs from Pershing Middle School to the Nature Center and Old Iron Bridge.

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    Ozark Greenways - James River Greenway

    A total of two miles, this trail connects the Galloway Creek Greenway to Gasconade Road.

  • James river water trail steve ross 4c8580955056a34 4c858307 5056 a348 3a34c940cf90322a

    Ozark Greenways - James River Water Trail

    The James River Water Trail is a 6-mile route on the James River from Joe Crighton Access to Lake Springfield marina.

  • Jordan creek greenway flowers 53a009fd5056a34 53a00b78 5056 a348 3a7871772a222990

    Ozark Greenways - Jordan Creek Greenway

    Jordan Creek Greenway currently has open sections from Smith Park to OTC, and through Jordan Valley Park to Jefferson Avenue. This trail is planned to continue it's way southwesterly, eventually under Chestnut Expressway, then through the planned West Meadows part of Jordan Valley Park, and on to connect with Wilson's Creek Greenway and eventually South Creek Greenway. This trail is two miles long.

  • Sac river mtn bike 4c9e01be5056a34 4c9e03df 5056 a348 3a262d0e147a877b

    Ozark Greenways - Sac River Mountain Bike Trail

    Sac River Trail is a moderately rugged natural-surface trail popular with mountain bikers and hikers. The perimeter trail is two miles, but there are more than eight miles of interconnecting single-track trail. This trail is not handicapped accessible. Trail users need to have good directional skills in a remote wooded setting.

  • South creek greenway 4ca974da5056a34 4ca97680 5056 a348 3a69859c520bd0fd

    Ozark Greenways - South Creek Greenway

    South Creek Greenway has eight miles of paved trail connecting numerous attractions, including Close Memorial/Nathanael Greene Park. Designated as a National Recreation Trail.

  • Ward branch greenway 4ccd80ff5056a34 4ccd82de 5056 a348 3a13952955c5728f

    Ozark Greenways - Ward Branch Greenway

    In total, the Ward Branch Greenway is three miles, split into two sections; one mile in Shadowood Subdivision, from Twin Oaks Substation to the Library Center on South Campbell, and nearly two miles from Wanda Gray School to Rivercut.

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    Ozark Greenways - Wilson's Creek Greenway

    This trail is three miles long with a trailhead at Rutledge-Wilson Farm Park. As of Spring 2016, this trail connects to South Creek Greenway, which is 8 miles long, connecting a variety of destinations.

  • Ozarks Regional YMCA

    The Ward YMCA contains a rock climbing wall, racquetball courts, two basketball courts, an indoor pool, and an indoor track.

  • Pomme de Terre State Park

    The park offers a vast array of recreational opportunities. Visitors can launch a boat and find a quiet cove to fish for bass, walleye, catfish, crappie or even muskie. The park's two public swimming beaches provide a great place to cool off or lounge in the sun. The park offers two hiking trails that wind through several scenic areas. Picnic sites throughout the forest and near the lake provide a place to rest or enjoy lunch.

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    Southwest Baptist University - Dodson Baseball Field

    SBU's baseball facility. Natural grass playing surface with seating for up to 200 people.

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    Southwest Baptist University - John Bryant Tennis Center

    Six well-lit outdoor tennis courts with a hardcourt surface.

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    Southwest Baptist University - Meyer Wellness & Sports Center

    Home to the SBU Bearcats basketball and volleyball programs. The Meyer Center has fixed seating for 2,200. The facility is air conditioned and features a wood playing surface.

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    Southwest Baptist University - Plaster Stadium

    Plaster Stadium is home to the SBU Bearcats. The stadium has fixed seating for 2,500 spectators and features a natural grass playing surface. Encircling the football field is the Orlin B. Stewart Track and the Edwin C. Rice Facility.

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    Southwest Baptist University - SBU Soccer Field

    SBU Soccer Field features a natural grass surface with unlimited grass seating.

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    Southwest Baptist University - SBU Softball Field

    The SBU Softball Field has fixed seating for 150 people.

There are over 120 sporting event venues in Springfield. Use the links below to browse them all or to view them by sporting events.