The Event Assistance Request program focuses on the following:

Provides funding as part of an offer or a bid, which serves as a financial incentive to attract an event(s) to Springfield. Most often used when competing against other communities/cities.

Provide opportunities for sports organizations with limited resources an opportunity to apply for funding. The intent is to help provide the frame-work and support to get a sporting event started.

Provides funding that allows for the potential future growth of sports and sporting events.


All organizations and events are eligible. Organizations and events will be evaluated based up the following criteria:

  • Events that will create a direct economic impact.
  • An event that has potential for future growth in the Greater Springfield Area.
  • Events that will utilize local hotel rooms and provide room night generation.
  • Events must show specific budgetary need for the funding request.
  • Events that will provide an increased quality of life and community benefit.
  • An event that will provide Springfield Sports Commission with exposure through its involvement. Organizations should specify plans for this when completing the application for funding (banners, logo recognition, etc.).
  • Three Funding Opportunities Policy
  • It is the intent that after three (3) funding opportunities the event would not be eligible for additional funding from the Event Assistance Request program. The intent of the Event Assistance program is to provide organizations/events with funding to stabilize and stimulate growth in new events.


You may download the application form here.

Deadline and Review of Applications

The applications will be reviewed by the Events Assistance Request (EAR) committee twice per year. The deadline to submit a completed application will be October 15 and March 15, of each year. The EAR committee will review all requests and make a recommendation to the Board of the Directors of the Springfield Sports Commission for approval.

Event Request Manager

Each organization/event receiving funding shall designate a point of contact to be the funding manager. This person shall be responsible for maintaining all records. The person will request reimbursement and provide invoices as well as event recaps. The designated person will be the point of contact and will insure that all guidelines and documentation are adhered too.


Upon approval by the Springfield Sports Commission Board of Directors via the recommendation of the Event Assistance Request Committee, the applicant for Event Assistance funding will receive 50% off the funding prior to the event. The remaining 50% will be provided upon receipt of a final report and event recap. The applicant must provide an invoice for 50% upon approval and an invoice for the remaining 50% of funding when submitting the final report and event recap.

Final Report & Event Recap

Each organization will be required to provide an event recap and report. The recap and report will be due within 60 days of the completion of the event and must accompany the final request for reimbursement (invoice).

Because funds are limited, the Springfield Sports Commission is unable to favorably answer all requests and/or levels of funding requested. Each request is carefully evaluated based upon eligibility guidelines. The decision made by the Springfield Sports Commission EAR Committee and Board of Directors is final.

You may download the Event Recap form here.